Media Audit: Radio and Television

Personalized content monitoring and real-time recording of television channels and radio stations in the province of Córdoba. Written record of everything that happens from 06 hs to 22hs, selecting and immediately sending the material of interest to our customers.

Media Audit: Graphic Press

Through the digitization process of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of the print media of Córdoba and Buenos Aires, text corresponding to the interests of each of our customers is automatically identified and the material is sent by email.

Advertising Media Audit: Radio and Television

Real-time survey of advertising broadcast on radio and television (canned and PNT, baseboards), access to centralized portal of advertising monitoring, calculation per second/minute with spot online.

Advertising Media Audit: Graphic Press

Audit (for cm2 ) of graphic media advertisements (newspapers and magazines). All centralized in portal for online access.

Digital Media Audit

Search for information of interest to the client on issues indicated in local or national vertical portals, previously selected.

Social Networks Audit

Using an application, we analyze real-time social network users, mentions and hashtags. It is a self-developed platform, which allows tracking of one or more accounts, performing a comparative analysis of the performance on social networks.

Media Crisis

We are available 24x365, trained in magnitude crises since 1997 in Argentina. As a customer will have our team available 24 hours to search for historical and current information to make the best decisions.