Instant Alerts System

Instant alert text using the system WhatsApp® or Telegram®, individually or in groups, of everything that it is urgent for the client; either negative exposures or mention someone or a particular issue.

Social Claims System via APP

It is an application that collects all claims of neighbors through a usable application from any mobile device, indicating and categorizing not only the demand but also the location and reason for the complaint, generating work orders with subsequent verification of compliance.

Information News Portal

Visualization platform of graphic press, radio and television in a single portal where you can find all notes, analyze them, descriptions, size, duration and commercial value. Additionally allows to see, upload and download material.

Analysis of Graphic Press Covers

We perform the statistical survey of the entries on the covers of printed graphics digitized media, analyzing their valuation, measures and impact of caps onto graphic medium itself and the cost of such publication.